Turners Warehouse Systems

We acknowledge that an integral part of the success of a warehousing operation is correct and accurate record keeping systems.


All goods received by our warehouse will be accompanied by a "Goods Received Note" (GRN). This will be signed for by a responsible party who will check and record specific product quantities and conditions. All irregularities in this respect will be recorded accordingly by endorsement.

Each and every shipment drawn from stock for deliveries will be documented. In addition, a signed consignment note will be obtained from the consignee being the final proof of delivery.


Orders for product dispatch will only be effected subject to pre-agreed procedures being adhered to. Our minimum requirements in this regard are signed for written instructions. It is recommended that all requisitions be sent in hard copy format.


Stocktaking is recommended to be on a monthly basis and recorded in the company of the responsible warehouse manager. Fortnightly stock takes can also be arranged if required. Regular reconciliation between theoretical and physical stock takes are encouraged.


To maximise effectiveness, we have installed a "desk to desk" communication facility, which allows clients to access their files via the Internet. Our customers are able to confirm details regarding:

  • Stock Movements
  • Stock Balances

This is available on an actual real-time basis as each stock movement is recorded immediately the status of any stock changes.

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