Turners Warehouse Services

Storage of Product

We understand that the requirements regarding the storage of product is dependent on the specific criteria of each product. We have the necessary storage features to ensure that their Client's product is afforded the most suitable facility available.

  • The product will be kept under cover in a facility, which is secure.
  • The cargo product will be kept "dry and clean" at all times. We understand that as the product is still to be sold, maximum product presentation should be maintained at all times.
  • The stock rotation will be based on FIFO principal subject to specific alternative instruction. Batch integrity will be maintained at all times.
  • To eliminate the chance of product contamination and for ease of stock taking and handling, like products will be stored together.
  • Depending on requirement we able to block stack or rack the cargo accordingly. Their racking facilities assist to minimise damages and help to speed up handling times.

Distribution of Product

We recognise that reliable distributions service both to and from the warehouse premises forms an essential part of the total service.

We are able to offer a comprehensive full and part-load distribution service on a local and long-distance basis by utilising their own fleet of vehicles for local deliveries and subcontracting to reputable hauliers for regional and nation-wide distribution.

Depending on the requirement, full loads can also be arranged to facilitate multi-drops. By load scheduling. We are able to satisfy most customer service requirements and simultaneously ensure best possible rate competitiveness.

It is our responsibility to ensure that each vehicle configuration and trailer type is compatible with the cargo. No vehicle will be permitted to load without clear evidence that the necessary tarpaulins, cargo nets and load locks are all in good working order. No vehicle will be released without the cargo being correctly secured.

We are aware of the minimum requirements regarding hazardous chemicals. Their vehicles are equipped with the necessary drop sides, fire extinguishers, signage and engine cut-out switch. Hazardous chemical pre-requisites are observed at all times.

Handling of Product

The necessity to handle product both effectively and efficiently is essential. We are well equipped to handle our Client's products and have the following facilities available:

  • Mechanical forklift vehicles which are equipped to handle both drum and palletised product.
  • The forklift vehicle's size allows for easy entry into sea containers to minimise manual handling requirements.
  • Each forklift has high reach lifting capabilities to assist in packing the racking installations.
  • A container dock loader is accessible to maximise container destuffing times.
  • Adequate vehicle access is available to handle both interlink and 12-meter semi-trailer configurations.
  • All vehicle loading and unloading are supervised by qualified personnel.

Ancillary Services

To complete our total service, we are also able to provide the following miscellaneous facilities: Rates are available upon application.

  • Cargo sorting
  • Product weighing
  • Product measuring
  • Product marking and labelling
  • Palletising
  • Pallet shrink wrapping
  • Pallet strapping
  • Drum decanting
  • Packaging repairing
  • Product packing / re-packing
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